we understand the importance of having highly skilled people available in your business to deliver business as usual and mission critical projects. With our in depth experience of the technology and retail sector, we can use our knowledge and expertise to source and screen applicants for your most important roles, ensuring you receive highly skilled quality candidates.

We are different to a typical recruitment agency, as we internally employ the roles we can help you resource - meaning we understand the roles and what to look for in ideal candidates.

We can support permanent, contract and interim requirements that you may have for IT, Testing, Project Delivery, Consulting, Development, Support, Sales & Marketing positions


We understand that every business is different. No matter what stage your business is at or what challenges it might be facing, HRM Contracting & Consulting offers a wide range of recruitment services to meet your needs. Our process is methodical, comprehensive and targeted; resulting in quality resumes that match your requirement accurately. We fully understands the value of time and ensures that its deliverables matches the employer’s requirement not only accurately but also quickly.

Whether your receptionist calls in sick for the day, your labourer takes four weeks of annual leave, your store manager goes on maternity leave, a project is falling behind and you need an extra set of hands quickly or you have a role but the budget hasn't been finalised for it to go full time, we have the temporary placement solution for you. Best of all, we cover all statutory costs including superannuation, workers' compensation, payroll tax.


Plumbers, carpenters, electricians..the fact that they're hard-to-find is well known. But harder it is to find experts among them. With professionals who are handpicked and highly trained, you are ensured of quality service no matter when it is required in an year.

Electrical Installations & Maintenance, we provide high quality electrical maintenance services and electrical installations supports. Our approved technicians can specially design our systems to suit your structural layout, budget and requirements. We offer allkind of support at your place for fitting and removing fans, switchboard installation and replacement, circuit fault finding, all kinds of wiring works, lights fitting and removal and various electrical installation and repair services. We make sure that they are professional, and follow all safety measures.


We recommend that you concentrate on doing what you best - Improve your business productivity, while we take care of your end to end facility management needs. sbs now offers integrated Facility management Services that efficiently maps the entire facility in your office all round the clock.

  • The service includes the following:
  • 1.Housekeeping Services
  • 2.Garden and Lawn Maintenance
  • 3.Pantry Services
  • 4.Waste Management
  • 5.Warehouse Management
  • 6.Pest Management Services
  • 7.Guest House Management
  • 8.Landscaping
  • 9.Project Cleaning


While most businesses prefer knowing their cleaning services are taken care of with monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly cleaning programs, sometimes the need arises where you only want a one-time service. Whether it’s a one-time janitorial clean or a single specialty cleaning such as carpets, upholstery or fabric panels in conference rooms, one call to ServiceMaster Clean and we respond with the people, the professionalism and the passion to do it right.

With our project-based cleaning services, you not only benefit from our expertise and experience, you also have the flexibility to select the one-time service you want, when you want it. Whatever you need, we’re here to help with superior cleaning services that help make your facility look and run great.


Health is always a priority for all of us. For healthy well-being, we ensure that we eat healthy food, do regular exercise or consult the best doctors when any emergency arises. But do we really bother about impact of the surrounding on our health? While modern houses and offices have exquisite interiors and look spick-n-span, they are often being maintained by local maids or kaamwali bai. Considering the impact cleanliness of this surrounding on our health, wouldn’t it be better to rely on professionals for cleaning than such untrained maids?

Regular vacuuming of sofas/ chairs/ carpet / mattresses removes dust, for stains and stubborn dust, mechanised shampooing is required. We use specialized eco- friendly chemicals and equipment for shampooing it.


Every home owner or business owner wants perfectly cleaned and polished floors, but with time, wear and tear takes its toll. The floors become dull and develop a brownish tinge. Floor polishing can help you regain its brightness and shine. Windows, rooms, furniture, and artworks can give your home a striking appearance but only a properly done up floor can add the real sparkle to your home or office.

We at have our own teams for polishing your floors and making them look brand new. We polish them so well so as to transform your floors with a mirror-like sheen. The polishing materials used by us are the best in the market to ensure that no compromise is made as we go about the floor polishing job.